Our Services

  • ​Asphalt Paving & Repairs
  • ​Asphalt Sealing & Striping
  • ​Parking Lot Cleanups
  • ​Pressure Washing
  • ​Underground Piping
  • ​Concrete
  • ​Curb Repairs/Installations
  • ​Snowplowing/Removal & Salting
  • ​Sanitary/Sewer Jetting
  • ​Light Pole & Bollard Painting
  • ​Exterior Building Repairs
  • ​Emergency Disaster Relief
  • ​Drainage/Piping
  • ​Landscaping & Mulch
  • ​Catch Basins
  • ​Back Hoe Service
  • ​Dump Truck Service
  • ​Loader Service
  • ​Hardscape
  • Topsoil
  • Lowboy Service

​About Us

​“ I separate myself from the competition through customer service. No one gets lost in the chain of command. My customers know they can speak to me directly”

Sean Fico, President

​Areas We Serve


I’ve never seen anyone put as much effort into having their machines looking as good and running as well as Sean does…It’s one reason why A.P is one of the largest snow plowers around.

Mark Kastner

​Monroe Tractor District Manager

​I don’t have to constantly monitor A.P. while they complete a project for me.  Most importantly, I don’t have to drive around to all of my commercial properties to see if they have shown up.  This is especially critical when it comes to winter snow plowing.

​Rick Rodger

​Commercial Site Manager at Riedman Development Corp.

​Sean is an excellent contractor doing excellent work and backs up his work. He is responsible for all he does and will never let anyone down. He is personable and is an expert in his field of responsibility.

​Ronald Donaldson

​Area manager at The Home Depot

​Congratulations as you continue to expand your operation. Excellent leadership and employees produce excellent results. You are the model of what a great company should be.

​Gary Pullen

​Satisfied Customer