Asphalt Paving & Repairs

We will repair:  Deteriorated asphalt ,Low spots and manhole basins, Pot holes, Storm water drain repair, Stress cracks, Utility cuts  Paving : we can help restore your broken asphalt, replace your current asphalt lot, or pave a brand-new asphalt surface for your business.

Asphalt Sealing & Striping

"Asphalt crack sealing is among the most cost-effective ways for your business to extend the life of its parking lot. In most cases, it costs less than 10 percent of a complete asphalt replacement project.  This process involves applying a hot sealant to cracks to keep water out" / "Line striping and pavement markings play an important role i protecting your customers’ property and safety"


AP Milling of Rochester offers state of the art milling of concrete and asphalt with cleanup services available. 

​Parking Lot Cleanups

Pressure Washing

​Service is available by the hour, day, or on a contract basis.

​Underground Piping


​We can repair damaged concrete, we can rip out preexisting concrete, lay new re bar and pour fresh or create new form and fill from scratch.

​Curb Repairs / Installations

​We can repair damaged curbing or form new.

​Snow Plowing / Removal & Salting

We are the biggest snow removal company in Upstate New York covering millions of feet of commercial parking lots and sidewalks.

​Sanitary / Sewer Jetting

​We have the means to able to remove sand, stones, bottles, trash, grease, sludge, roots and other debris from sanitary sewers and storm drain pipes, manholes, inlets and vaults.

​Light Pole & Bollard Painting

​We will treat any rust built up on the piece with a steel bristled brush, sand with coarse grit sand paper, spray piece with phosphoric acid let sit then scrub excess off , apply metal oil base primer 2 coats then finish with oil base metal paint

​Exterior Building Repairs

  • ​Brick Replacement
  • Concrete & Stone Repair & Replacement
  • Facade Re-anchoring & Stabilization
  • Sealant Removal & Replacement

​Emergency Disaster Relief

​We are able to provide relief services to areas impacted by natural or man-made disaster.

​Drainage / Piping

​A blocked drain or sewer needs to be dealt with immediately. We're available on-call 24/7 and can schedule an emergency drain or sewer service for the same day.

​Landscaping & Mulch

​We increase the curb appeal of your business or can come up with a design to upgrade your current look.

​Catch Basins

​Our team can help keep drains clear of debris and perform any adjustments or other routine catch basin repair and maintenance. Concrete catch basin installation is the solution to insufficient drainage on your parking lot.

​Backhoe Service

Whether it's a big job, like a water main break or a small catch basin, we have the ability to handle your digging needs.

​Dump Truck Service

Over 50 Triaxles and 7 Triaxle Flowboys  these trucks are suited for asphalt hauling and the other construction work. Utilizing these trucks for inner mill movements, stocking, and shorter on highway hauls.

​Loader Service

​Whether it's moving snow or dirt we have over 100 loaders for your pushing needs.


We offer NYS DOT approved and tested, screened topsoil, ready and available for pickup or delivery.

Lowboy Service

Whether it's a Tonka toy truck or a Komatsu LC450D Excavator, we haul it all!